Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Royal Makeover

This little beauty was from a late fall garage sale. 
Even though I find some great stuff at these sales...I feel a sense of guilt when families have to clean out grandmas house. But we all know we can't keep everything. 

A Royal Makeover...
don't this piece look like it needs to be in a castle or mansion of some sort? 
Or maybe it's just the crown looking detail on top.

I didn't want to paint the entire table. 
So 2 tone it is!

Which I think turned out magnificent!!

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  1. I really like the style of that table Shelly - great makeover too! I like drawers stained and not painted.

    1. Thanks Marie, I'm glad I didn't paint the drawers too!!

  2. Great little table Shelly, I would have snapped up that lil gem myself and the crock too, you've got the eye for great form. I'm partial to two tone as well.....

    1. Thanks Brenda! I'm really diggin the 2 tones here lately myself! And that crock was a great score. I think it was $3..?! My friend in Tennessee has dishes with that same design on them. So of course that's where it's new home is! She was absolutely tickled! I am just in shock, what the value of crocks are! They are a great piece but I could never bring myself to spend an insane amount of one, just because.