Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY Baby/Dog Gate

I got this amazing saw for Christmas, thanks to Mr MinettesMaze. I was wanting to break outta the jigsaw world.

So I decided to make a new gate for our steps. I had a pile of pallet boards that were perfect for the job! I really wanted to get rid of the plastic gate. It was just a pain to take up and down, it was just in the way if it wasn't up. And not very decor savy if I must say.

I measured the doorway. And I fired that new saw up!! 
I'M IN LOVE! It cuts soo nice, and easy to use. I thought "Where have you been all my life?"

Painted it black 

And now lookey lookey!!

The hinges were a score from JunkStock. 

To the left of the new gate is the Unexpected Shoe Rack. >>Click Here to Check it Out<<

All in all, the entire project costed less than $10! Looks soo much better don't ya think?!

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  1. ahh this is so freakin cute!! i keep eyeing these pins on pinterest and dying to have kiddos so i can add this to my little country cutie house! :)

    1. Well Kelsey you don't have to have kiddos to have a cool looking gate.....maybe a puppy??? LOL Thanks for stopping by!