Monday, April 29, 2013

The Good Life: Front Porch View (Link-Up #2)

The Good Life: Front Porch View (Link-Up #2)

OK I admit I'm jealous of everyones views!! What I wouldn't give to live in the country.

Until then.....

Our little cracker jack fixer' upper house!

My husband bought this house a few years before the kids and I came along. It was perfect for him and his dog. But since we have moved in, one room at a time has been remodeled. If it was up to him we would sell and buy a much needed bigger home. But I feel safe here. And that's a pretty important thing as a mom. And plus why not wait till I can really get what I want and thats a house in the country!

I can't wait to plant the annuals, but it still gets pretty chilly some days yet. But my hostas are really starting to take off! It all looks so bare until all the yard pretties are out. 

Eventually there will be a deck on the front, but one project at a time.

And this is in my back yard. I found this screen door dumpster diving. (Yes I said it!)LOL I added a few things to it and it sits right off our patio in the back yard. 

Maybe I will post pictures up later in the season when everything is in full bloom. Because then I am proud to show my little yard off!

Thanks for looking!

Bellevue, Ne

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet our Furry Children!

Funky Junk is having a pet parade to honor their friend Teddy.

So I thought I would share our 4 legged children with you all also.

Meet Harley!
He will be 2 years old next month. He has been a ball of energy since we got him. 

He a bit chicken at times. See Spike the killer metal dog on the couch? Harley is scared to death of him. And this is how we keep him off the couch!

This is how I caught him looking out our front window.

This was taken not too long after we got him. This was at our local parade.

He LOVES his pool in the summer!

And loves to Cuddle!

Sleeps in the most awkward positions.

MEET PRINCESS SUKI! (on the left)

I got her from a rescue. She was born with a cleft lip and palate. I got her at the age of 2, and now is 5. She is definitely the princess. She gets annoyed by Harley almost daily. 

(The puppy on the right is Kippy Jo, Suki's cousin and best friend. We lost him in a un-explainable accident and he's terribly missed by our family) 

She is not very photogenic so I don't have many pics of her alone. And hides in the bathroom after she gets groomed. I think she feels naked and embarrassed.

They love to get in my way, or should I say help?!

Our lil nephew Blake always trys to ruin their nap time!

And this was our Laci. RIP

She loved riding in the truck and definitely loved her grandma!

And always kept a close eye on the boys! See lil scuba Steve (aka Jaylen) in the pool?! Hilarious!!!

And there ya have it, our furry kids!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

WANTED: Pistachio Coffee Bar

A friend of mine wanted to get rid of her old bakers rack in her kitchen corner and replace it with the idea of a coffee bar!

So the hunt was on. I needed a cabinet that was waist high, and preferably cupboards for storage. Lucky strike, I found one days later at a yard sale!

I taped the legs, because the brass colored leg casings were pretty neat. And we decided to keep the top the original wood look. 

Sanded and Primed. As I've said I think using the spray Primer is faster and easier.

And of course living in Nebraska, the weather was pretty chilly. So the project got moved inside the house. I applied 4 coats of the green paint.

Oops, when I took the tape off there were a few boo boo's. But it didn't matter though because we were distressing it anyway.

I then sanded the top and re-stained it. And then sanded/stressed the edges, and then applied stain. I used the wipe the stain on with a rag, and immediately wiped it off method. And you can repeat this step till you get the desired color.

A few coats of Shellac (moved the cabinet outside of course for this step).

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Th Purple People eater- Dresser Redo

Featured #1 at:

A friend of mine has a little girl, and it's time for her to graduate to a big girl room! So she gave me her old dresser and told me a couple shades of purple chevron please.

Of course I sanded and primed it. Then added a few coats of white paint.

Then it was Chevron time!
I was a little nervous about this. How do I make it straight??? So I made a stencil! Then just taped where the lines were.

This step took a little while to complete! Hand painting is tedious!

This took about 5 coats to get it the right shade.

Then added new hardware!