Monday, April 8, 2013


Just in case you were curious!!!

1. I have a guilty obsession with cowboy boots! Not sure why, I didn't grow up on a farm, and I never lived in the country. I just think they kick ass! And I rock em thats why!!!!!

2. I LOVE DONUTS! And all kinds! I call them my fat pills!

3. Someday I WILL own and ride my own Harley! 

This is gonna be my Biker partner in crime! Love her!!

4. I turn into the Incredible HULK when I get hungry! I think they call it HANGRY!

5. I HATE paper clutter. Especially mail clutter that seems to pile on the table. OMG Anxiety!!!

6. When my boys are grown and I get to retire, I wanna sell everything and buy a huge RV and travel all over! I love meeting new people!

7. I love being an aunt! It completes my heart, truly!

8. I think about my dad and grandpa everyday. And miss them terribly. But I know they are still around guiding me in their own way.

9. I love Margaritas and Ice Cold Bud Light's!!!

10. I love dressing up for Halloween. And putting everyone's costumes together! 

1st Place 2012! WWF Superstars! 

2011 Crazy Bingo Lady! I think I took 2nd that year!

11. I love being stupid crazy silly with my hubby!! We can make each other laugh, and that is soo important!


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  1. I love your DIY attitude. I'm a MN mama, gramma who was raised in Council Bluffs. My younger sister lives in Bellevue with her family. My DIY leans more to upcycling clothing because I am a professional seamstress. I love garage sales and the Goodwill for that reason. I just started following your blog.