Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet our Furry Children!

Funky Junk is having a pet parade to honor their friend Teddy.

So I thought I would share our 4 legged children with you all also.

Meet Harley!
He will be 2 years old next month. He has been a ball of energy since we got him. 

He a bit chicken at times. See Spike the killer metal dog on the couch? Harley is scared to death of him. And this is how we keep him off the couch!

This is how I caught him looking out our front window.

This was taken not too long after we got him. This was at our local parade.

He LOVES his pool in the summer!

And loves to Cuddle!

Sleeps in the most awkward positions.

MEET PRINCESS SUKI! (on the left)

I got her from a rescue. She was born with a cleft lip and palate. I got her at the age of 2, and now is 5. She is definitely the princess. She gets annoyed by Harley almost daily. 

(The puppy on the right is Kippy Jo, Suki's cousin and best friend. We lost him in a un-explainable accident and he's terribly missed by our family) 

She is not very photogenic so I don't have many pics of her alone. And hides in the bathroom after she gets groomed. I think she feels naked and embarrassed.

They love to get in my way, or should I say help?!

Our lil nephew Blake always trys to ruin their nap time!

And this was our Laci. RIP

She loved riding in the truck and definitely loved her grandma!

And always kept a close eye on the boys! See lil scuba Steve (aka Jaylen) in the pool?! Hilarious!!!

And there ya have it, our furry kids!!!


  1. harley has such a darling face, and i just love the pic of him sleeping sitting up!! they have so much personality, don't they:) laci looks so sweet, too!
    poor suki, i didn't know dogs could have cleft palate--she does looks embarrassed in the bathroom!

    1. Thank you! Yes they have such unique personalities! The ball of energy works my nerves sometimes but how could you not love em! Suki is just so laid back, and the biggest lap dog ever!


  2. What a sweet family you have here! Oh but did they all make me smile! So glad you shared your pets with us today!

    1. Thank You Donna! I'm glad they made you smile! I just want to say how I admire you blog! You are such an inspiration to me!