Wednesday, April 3, 2013


When the boys and I moved into my husbands home, the basement was the first thing that had to be done. Christian needed a room!  It had cold cement block walls, catch all storage, and well just a kinda creepy scary basement. He had already "gutted" it thinking someday he would get it refinished.....  So project basement was in full force!

So here is a before...kinda. We had already painted the cement block walls with Killz.

And then project drywall.... What a dusty mess! And drop ceiling was installed.

This area is now my new BLOG SPACE!

Stay tuned and see the aftermath!

After a few decoration changes and once wedding project station was complete it transformed into...

The wall behind the TV is not complete yet. These are my kids masterpieces that I have framed. But of course there are still a few more to be framed and hung. 

And check out my new space, as it had changed a few times! Click below!

Check out my-new-blog-space!

Thanks for Looking!!!

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