Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet Parrish Place: My DIY Projects

Sweet Parrish Place: My DIY Projects: Making a Christmas Wreath Work For Valentine's Day I use two items to change my Christmas Wreath into a Valentine's Day Wreath...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet Parrish Place: Trashtastic Tuesday- Mason Jar Makeover

Sweet Parrish Place: Trashtastic Tuesday- Mason Jar Makeover:  Hi there!  Welcome to Trashtastic Tuesday!  Every Tuesday I try to have a project up on the blog that I purchased at a thrift store, or tha...



Now that the cats outta the bag.....


I have 1 nephew, Blake Eugene and he's 20 months old. And the absolute perfect child! He makes my heart soooo BIG!! And he LOVES his TeeTee!! (aka aunt Shelly)

And I can't wait to find out the gender...

psst.... I'm crossing my fingers for pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy Designs: Clocks Into Mirrors

Lucy Designs: Clocks Into Mirror

I have a few clocks laying around that broke, I might hafta try this one!

Can't wait for "COOLER" SEASON!

It's March what..26th and look!

Come on ol' man winter, go away!

So I sitting here at my new blog station (YEAH because I love it) and day dreaming about warm summer days! And how much I can't wait for afternoons on the patio with an adult beverage in hand! And it led me to share with ya my "Cooler" project I did last summer!

I found this old Coleman cooler at a garage sale for $5.

I decided to sand that sucker down. A few coats of primer and spray paint... 

Now that's a total chicks cooler!

Now if i could only dig it out and use it today... 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My New Blog Space!!!!

I needed more space for my bloggin'! The small desk, and cluster table next to it took up too much space! 


So of course, I was crusin' Craigslist again... stumbled on a honey of a deal! Grabbed my little partner in crime and went and picked er' up! 


It is just gonna work and flow better! What a difference huh?!

Let me know whatcha think!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our last Wrestling Tournament!!!!

We just got back from Jaylen's last tourney for the season! Sniff Sniff!

He got 4th today, and I still couldn't be more proud. He won a medal at every tournament this year. Not too bad for his 1st year!

What are we gonna do on the weekends now? LOL 
Now it's time for all our energy to focus on Christian's Trap Team. But that's life with boys!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Who would've THUNK IT! CURTAINS!

With the remodel and new paint in the living room too, of course we needed new curtains. And I just couldn't see spending alot of moolah on new ones. So of course I cruised Pintrest and found an idea.....

So i headed to Walmart in search of sheets none the less!

A plain white, twin size flat sheet $4.88! What a deal! I grabbed me four of them and headed home.

After a wash and dry. Then a really good attempt at ironing...

Not too shabby eh?!! So for less than $20 I had new curtains!

Sawyers Desk!

I had gotten a couple of old school desks free. And I knew exactly what I was gonna do with em!

They were in the garage for awhile. But finally got around to painting.

It was a perfect Birthday Gift! And even more so, because her mother is a school teacher!

Glitter Glasses

I wonder...........

Glitter Glasses

Jaylens's Birthday Suprise!

We decided to surprise our son on his Birthday! We got him off to a wonderful day of school and started working immediately! 

I had already bought the paint and made the stencils the day before. So we had everything we needed to complete this surprise! Start time 8:00am and completed 2:30!


Boring huh!

Yeah I made them at work in my down time....Shhhh don't tell

So when he got home from school.... 

New bedding and bookshelf! 

He was really into Transformers and we had found some wall decals but couldn't put them on until it was fully dried (24 hours). And I say decals because you know boys, they change favorite movie/characters quite frequently. 

I used chalkboard paint on his closet door.

Not sure who was more excited, me or Jay?! I just thought, if I would've walked into my bedroom as a little girl and seen a whole new room....I would've never forgotten it!

He loved it! And it was all just in time for his Birthday guests to start arriving!

And of course Mom had to have a little fun!!!!

What a Great birthday!!!
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Little Slice Of: Double Braid

I will be trying this! It's too cute not to!

A Little Slice Of: Double Braid: This is a relaxed boho-style double braid - very messy but suprisingly e...

Junkin: Heart Cabinet and Chicken Wire

We were doing our Friday junkin and my cousin Marla found this cabinet for $20. She asked if I could do something with it. And first thing that came to mind was, the hearts had to go! 

It was a light color wood, and fugly (aka ugly). This was taken after it was primed (spray paint primer because it was easier) and the doors were off. I promise I'll get better at before pics. LOL

So she decided on black paint. And I had found a whole roll of chicken wire at a garage sale for $1. A little distressing and VIOLA!

We put little clothespins on the chicken wire and then that way she could hang pictures.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen remodel....oh what a great adventure that was. The hubby decided to do this project in the dead of winter, right after Christmas. But it's the only time he can take vacation, and we had been planning this project pretty much since the day I moved in. The kitchen was outdated. The house was built in 1941. And man-o-man the layers of history that we uncovered during this project, DISGUSTING and interesting at the same time. 

Time Duration- 2 weeks!

 So here is BIG project #1, the kitchen.


Kitchen table Nook!

This is looking into our living room from the kitchen sink. 

On the other side of the fridge is the back door, and it  blocked all the sunlight. 

I guess you can say small and outdated....

The original plan was to purchase new cupboards. But me being the "crafty and frugal" one, I convinced the hubby to try and "redo" them. I figured if it didn't work or we didn't like them, we were only out paint and time.

Phase 1- Demolition!

The boys started while I was at work, so I didn't hafta see the mess? Yeah RIGHT! LOL

There's our Harley photo bombing!

Jaylen...exhausted! Oh and check out the wallpaper that was behind a cabinet. GROOVY huh!

This was under the bottom cabinet. Among layers and layers of linoleum and carpet. The smell was horrific!

Support Beams UP!

Success! The new load bearing beam is in and up!
Oh, this board was in one of the walls. 

Fridge is out and replaced it with a cabinet that was by the stove.
So here is after 2 sub-floors, 2 layers of linoleum, and 2 layers of very very thin carpet.... P.S. I hate staples! And anyone that has done this knows what I mean.

We took off the cabinet doors, and cut inside the groves to replace with a piece of bead board. I love cottage/country kitchens!

 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of white kitchen paint.

I chose the Color Antique Silver from Menards. I was worried it might have been too dark but was very pleased we went with it!

Floor Time! Oh, then we decided to tare out the living room carpet. And went with the hard wood floors throughout! 

And AFTER....

I loved these plates but the 3M sticky things didn't hold up, and they fell and broke.  But I found new ones, and I  have another post about hanging plates! They ain't going nowhere this time!
The light fixture was from Lowes, and the ceiling piece was a garage sale find for $3 (brand new)!

This window was a LUCKY Craigslist find! 

We hung 2 shelves in place of a cabinet that was there. 

And I thought this was the perfect sign for my new kitchen!!!!

So after it was all said and done. We were left with 2 cabinets that we didn't reuse. It was alot of measuring and planning. But I'm and really pleased with the way it turned out! Now the only things left to do is counter tops, dishwasher, and sink! So stay tuned...... 
Phase 1 cost $300.00