Friday, March 22, 2013

Jaylens's Birthday Suprise!

We decided to surprise our son on his Birthday! We got him off to a wonderful day of school and started working immediately! 

I had already bought the paint and made the stencils the day before. So we had everything we needed to complete this surprise! Start time 8:00am and completed 2:30!


Boring huh!

Yeah I made them at work in my down time....Shhhh don't tell

So when he got home from school.... 

New bedding and bookshelf! 

He was really into Transformers and we had found some wall decals but couldn't put them on until it was fully dried (24 hours). And I say decals because you know boys, they change favorite movie/characters quite frequently. 

I used chalkboard paint on his closet door.

Not sure who was more excited, me or Jay?! I just thought, if I would've walked into my bedroom as a little girl and seen a whole new room....I would've never forgotten it!

He loved it! And it was all just in time for his Birthday guests to start arriving!

And of course Mom had to have a little fun!!!!

What a Great birthday!!!
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  1. Wow lucky him!!!! I'm thinking about doing the same thing with my son when his birthday comes I can't wait to paint his room blue.....I love your sons room