Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet the BOYS!

Christian and I with Brantley Gilbert! I think I got mom of the year award that night!
Meet Christian
He's my 16 year old, and a sophomore in high school (holy cow, I can't believe it still). He is my gentle giant! He's always looking out for everyone and wears his heart on his sleeve. And is always willing to help mom out when she can't tackle a project alone. And he also has an obsession with cowboys boots!

Meet Jaylen
He is 10 years old, and one of the tallest in 4th grade. He is really a mini me personality wise. He is and always has been a ball of fire! He loves to be my helper on alot of projects, and loves to learn how to work new tools! Definitely a mama's boy!

I caught them playing poker in the garage

But all in all, they are best buds!!!!!

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