Monday, March 11, 2013

Here goes nothing....a little more about me and my maze of thoughts.

This blog is my opportunity to share our home, life, and my crazy ideas! I call it MinettesMaze (pronounced: Minetties-Maze)because my head is always a maze of ideas, thinking about new home decor, better ways to organize, or that new project I "think" I can accomplish.  

My taste is pretty simple and it changes like the wind. I think I've changed furniture/decor in our living room 4 times in the last year and a half that we've lived here. I just want our home to be inviting and comfortable for anyone that visits. And once as single mother of two, I definitely mastered the challenge of making something work to get by. I have always been "crafty" as my grandma would say. 

The last few years has been one heck of a ride. I had known James(the hubby) for years but we were just friends. But the next thing we knew, we were in "love". When I think of our relationship I think of the movie "Someone like You".  We definitely had a heck of a whirlwind beginning. We dated only a few months, then me and "the circus" (2 kids and a dog) moved in! Moved into his once quiet little 2 bedroom home where it was only him and his dog. Next thing I know, he was asking me to marry him (in which I blew off the first few times he asked because I didn't think he was serious LOL). And within 6 months we were MR & MRS!!  

When we moved in, he told me to make his house a home, and BOY did I! We immediately started remodeling! The basement was already gutted and we hired someone to make another bedroom and family room. I was soo excited because I had only rented homes in the last 14 years, so now I could change whatever I wanted! I know the boys sure loved the idea of picking a theme and color for their new rooms too! James, well he has supported every crazy idea along the way.

So I hope you enjoy a peek into our crazy life! From accomplishments and milestones to projects. Maybe it'll inspire someone out there.

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