Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our DIY Wedding April 2012,

Our Wedding.....What a beautiful day! This day meant so much to us. I made almost everything myself from bouquets to table linens. Every detail was thought of. I wanted it to be personal and romantic. So from the day we were engaged, I started shopping! I hit every thrift store and clearance bin. There were a lot of days and nights spent in my basement with my bridesmaid Melissa putting it all together. And it was all perfect!

Here's where you can watch our Wedding Highlight Video!

Check out our Wedding Highlight Video! <<---Click there!

The story behind my red Cowgirl boots....... I had lost my dad almost 2 years prior. And his favorite color was RED and he had the most hideous red shoes that he had worn the last maybe 10 years? I had gave him a hard time not too long before he passed about it being time to get new ones. And his response "I haven't found any that I liked yet" Keep in mind 10 years is a long time and they weren't really red anymore. LOL So with me being the shoe fanatic, and I have this guilty obsession with cowgirl boots.......I found the perfect combination to honor my dad! 

These were the rings that James had given the boys during our ceremony. We seen the day as the day we all became family. It just wasn't a union between us. James had a vow he said to the boys when he gave them each a ring also. 

I had hankies made for my mother in law and our grandmothers.

All the guys wore Chucks! That's Jame's thing!. LOL

My bridesmaids wanted to go with my boot theme!

This was right before he seen me for the first time.

My son Christian, he's the sweetest boy.

 My mother in law, myself, and James's grandmother. 

My beautiful sister Brook and our nephew Blake. He is definitely our pride and joy!

We had put together a CD of our favorite songs, as well as a few concerts we had been to as a thank you gift to our guests. 

Our guest book tree. 

These were little bags for the kids attending our wedding. It kept them busy while waiting for everything to begin. 

My Beautiful Brooch Bouquet! A lot of them were given to me by family.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Card Cage

I'm not sure why but I really wanted a wedding cake that was different. And my little peacocks were perfect!! I found these at Michael's on a Christmas clearance. And the cake stand was found at Marshall's for $12. It was perfect!

I asked James what kind of theme he wanted for his grooms cake , and I got a big I DON'T KNOW. So being that the movie Steel Magnolias is one of my all time favorites....I suggested A BLEEDIN ARMIDILLA GROOM CAKE! He laughed and said PERFECT! I still can't believe he knew what I was talking about. But OH BOY the comments made about this cake.....It was a HIT!!!!

I love this picture of him! This was right after our I do's.

 This was my bridesmaid Melissa and I's Homemade redneck wine glasses. These became a big hit with weddings after ours. But there's nothing really to them to make.

Our Popcorn Bar! This was just a little treat for everyone to snack on while waiting or to take home.

These green goblets were James's grandmothers. She wasn't able to make the long trip here that day, but I thought they were perfect for the vintage theme centerpieces. 

And one of my favorite details of my wedding......The Blue Mason Jars! Hard to find but every table had at least one. Gorgeous!

All different color and shapes of glass, with a simple candle. Very romantic!

Perfect Day!!


  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    every last detail! *perfection*

    1. Thank You!! I take pride in knowing that it was all done by me and how personal it really was. I still watch the wedding highlight Video from time to time. Hope you checked that out! Thank You for commenting!!


  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bouquet. It is amazing. Beautiful wedding, Congratulations.

    1. Thank You!! And thanks for stoppin over!


  3. Gorgeous! The decor, photography and the bride! :) such wonderful ideas! Looks like a fabulous day!

    1. Thank You! It was a beautiful day! A lil stressful but who's wedding day wasn't?! LOL Thanks for stopping over!


  4. You did a great job with all the details! I love the groomsmen outfits!

    1. Thank You Krystal! Thanks for checking it out!!