Sunday, April 27, 2014

DIY Sunday Showcase & Features

DIY Party Time!
Come see our feature picks from last week. We had some awesome projects to get you inspired!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time for Spring Planting

Who else out there is in the mood to start their Spring planting??!!

I know I am!
We are thinking we just might plant a garden this year...which is a first for me! I have already started Basil and Parsley in the windowsill. Here are some ideas that some great bloggers have shared with us on DIY Sunday Showcase Linky Party.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

DIY Sunday Showcase & Features

What an awesome party we had last week!! 287 link ups!! That's FANTASTIC!! Thank you to all of you that came over! I had a heck of a time picking my favorite to feature, I know that.

Last week I had my boys yearly pictures taken. Our photographer Jeanne took the best pictures of the boys! Every year they get better!! Check her out on her blog AAT Photos or website AAT Photography & Videography! I just had to post a few to share you all!!! My 10 year looks like he's a teenager. And my big boy (16yr old) is well...a young man. sniff sniff.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Rusty Crusty Junky Owl Decor

Betty MJ talked me into a booth at a local High School Flea Market. At first I was thinking UGG! All that work... But then you know me, once I got started creating...there was no stopping the beast! LOL I have been working my tail end off coming up with items to sell.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

DIY Sunday Showcase & Features

Welcome back!! 
What a week! Weather here started out in the 70's and just got colder everyday from there... UGGG! Seriously ol man winter needs to go hibernate now!! 

I did manage to get a couple things done....including gathering up all my creations for a flea market event in my home town!! This was what we managed to set up last night, till the janitor kicked us out. Heehee!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Re-Purposed Rustic Cabinet Doors

Junkin season is under way! I'm itching to hit those garage sales! Bring on Spring!

I had scored a cabinet at a garage sale for a whopping $1! Yes a $1! (sorry I dont have a pic)
I loved the rustic look of the doors, and maybe that's why I didn't hesitate to grab this. Like they always say "One mans junk is another mans treasure".

Over the holidays I had quite of few people ask me to create something for gifts for them to give. So, as I was looking around my Imagination Station aka Garage for materials to "create" something, there was this lonely forgotten cabinet in the corner.

I took the doors off and attached a hanging wire to the back.
These doors came exactly how you see them. The glass was still in tact! So I painted their family name on the window and...

A one of a kind Rustic Family Wall Decor!

These one of a kind pieces were a HIT!!!
Just too bad I don't have more of them. 
So never disregard an old cabinet, there are many possibilities!