Monday, April 14, 2014

Make a Flower out of Pallet Boards

DIY Pallet Board Flower

As the weather has begun to finally get nice enough to work outside again, YEAH!!! I have been dying to use my Christmas gift from the Mr, a Rockwell Versacut Saw. I was finally ready to graduate from my jigsaw. And boy let me tell you how AWESOME this thing is!!!! So much easier to zip right on through the pallet boards for sure! 
And also I have still been making the Re-purposed Galvanized Tin pics for people and it cuts through that like a champ!!!!!! I'm so glad I asked for this for Christmas!!!!

 I begun just by sawing about a foot long boards off of old pallet. And then sawed it into shape to look like a flower pedal! And also did the same for the center round piece of the flower.

 Then time to assemble!!! Had my little helper wanting to jump in on one of moms first projects of the season! Even though it was alot easier to use the Brad Nailer..I let him do it!

Painted them bright Spring colors!

I also decided to buy picket fence materials. Assembled and added a little paint. As my nephew would say "aren't they TUUTE (cute)"!!

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  1. I LOVE these vibrant colors! What a great project! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures