Friday, April 19, 2013

My 2nd Attempt at Re-purposed Pallet Art!!!

A repurposed pallet Bench!

This Project took 1 pallet and a few boards from another to make the support boards on the side.

Start by cutting down the middle, and this will make 2 benches. But remember all pallets are different. What works one time may not another.

These 2 boards (below) are actually from the center section of another pallet. (the boards in between the top and bottom boards) Hope that makes sense. 

Cut them in half, these are your legs! 

Then I screwed them to into place.

They legs are too wobbly alone, so you will have to brace on the inside and out. On both sides.

These little boards that I placed in between I found on the bargain rack at Menards.
29 cents, not too shabby. Needless to say I bought quite a few of em. I know they will be handy for other projects also.

Cut and nail them in place.

I didn't paint this top one, just because I like the look.
And this bottom one is lightly painted white. The white won't be as bright as it sits outside awhile.

And here is my attempt at a colorful one.

Paint the colors in no particular order.

I cut yard sticks to size,then rubbed the stain on them. 
I applied a coat of paint on top of the colors.

One the paint is dry, then sand.

After you sand to the level you like, then rub the same stain on the wood as well. Until you get the color you want to achieve. I applied a few more after this picture was taken and the wood became darker and I thought looked better.

Don't forget to check out my 1st version of a re-purposed pallet bench, it's under the post "The day I got my 1st Jigsaw!"

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  1. cool upcycle. I love working with pallets. You can transform into almost anything.

    1. Thank you!! When I get new pallets I head to my garage grab my saw and start cutting until I've created something!

  2. Awesome! I have been wanting to try some pallets. Looks like hard work. Your bench is fab!

    1. I guess it can be if you take it apart. The sawzaw scares me so if the hubby ain't home then I use a good ol hammer and crowbar. And that's hard work for sure! But hafta say the jigsaw is my bestest friend! Lol

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  4. Wow. Love it!!!!!!! It looks awesome.
    Love your blog in general.
    I'm also a Nebraska blogger. I'm co-hosting a link up for Nebraska bloggers. I'd love to have you link up with us!

    Please share with other 'sker bloggers you know of!

    1. OMG I know I'm new to blog world but Ive been looking for NE bloggers heck even IOWA bloggers. And have had no luck. THANK YOU! Headin over now!


  5. Fabulous!!! I love reusing things! I have quite a few things floating around in my head for pallets but have not gone in search of any yet. Love this! :) thanks for sharing it on Project Inspire{d}!

  6. Pinterest is CHOCK full of pallet projects isn't it! I wonder what people did with them before pinterest :) Thanks for linking up at One Organic Mama! Hope to see you back on Thursday morning <3

    1. My first bench was actually on a whim. Then I discovered more ideas on Pinterest. WOW the possibilities! Gives me alot more ideas, thats for sure!

      Thanks- Shelly