Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Billings Montana

We got some terrible news a few weeks ago, that James's grandfather passed away. We knew this day was coming but you always think you have time.

George Tarmann lived a long 92 years. Loved wood working, had his own successful business, and a deep faith in god. He was married to the love of his life Lorraine for 71 years. 71 years....that's longer than a lifetime for some. And had 3 wonderful children, 6 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.

During this trip to Montana, I learned soo much about this man that created one of the most AMAZING families. I listened to everyone tell stories about his quirky sound effects stirring his cream of wheat in the morning to being a pillar in his community. And the proposal he had for grandma...what a great story! He was off serving time in the US Navy and sent grandma a letter with an  engagement ring asking her to marry him when he got back. How romantic!

 And it saddens me that I never truly knew this wonderful man. You see, he started suffering from Alzheimer's about 6 years ago. And that was before I became apart of this wonderful family. I wish I would've got to know grandpa before the disease. But through the stories from loved ones, I feel like I do know him in many ways. I wish I could've hugged this man and said thank you. Thank you for such blessings all because of him!

Even though this was not a planned trip, maybe a blessing in disguise? Maybe George knew we needed this time to strengthen as a family. And what better to spend time than 13 hour car ride (each way) with our boys. And needless to say the typical brotherly fights were very few. We had our first family vacation. And I will say vacation because we tried to make the most out of our time we spent together. We heard stories about the family going to Red Lodge, Montana for day trips. And so my husband took the boys and I there so we knew why it was such a special place to them all.

Words can't describe the serenity there. Breathtaking!

The famous rock! Or I told the kids, it was a dinosaur egg. Gosh I love being goofy with my boys! 

It was a great Photo-Op! PUUUUSSSSHHHH!

You can tell these boys are mine. Always lil joke-sters!

As you can tell it started getting cool, so jeans were an order! Thank goodness my husband reminded us to bring em!

We were hiking up the mountain, and low and behold another gigantic rock!

                                                           Even seen a Moose or two along the way!

And the oil Refineries... Holy BUCKETS! What an amazing operation!

Some Hotel Pool time! 
There's always one of them that just can't take a serious picture. 

And on our way back we stopped at Mount Rushmore!

If you have never been to the black hills..... you will have to put it on your bucket list! I had seen Mt Rushmore before but James nor the boys had. Still just as neat as the 1st time!

It's unreal how these were created. The man power and "lack of technology" at the time. Wow, is all you can say!

After this trip, I hafta thank Grandpa George up there for bringing us together. 

Thank You George Thank You!

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