Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Reasons I'm a Great Mom Challenge.

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Why is it so hard to admit we're great at what we do? Moms give themselves more pressure and criticism than anyone in any work field. Raising kiddos is HARD, there's no denying that. So why do we make the job even harder by not giving ourselves credit where it's due? We worry instead of sleep, compare instead of empower, kicking ourselves where we think we've gone wrong, and somehow find time to place judgement on another mother's parenting style (you know we've all done it).

Isn't it silly that we want our kids to be strong and able to pat themselves on the back when credit is due, but we won't do it for ourselves when it comes to raising them. What kind of an example are we setting for our children? This is something I've been working on and have to continually to work on daily. Those little ones are always watching us and can pick up on how we feel about ourselves. So I'd like to issue a challenge to all you moms out there!

Write a public post listing 10 reasons you're a great mom!!! I think it's important to acknowledge and share the things we do best. By doing this, we can empower and uplift each other! So here's my list:

10 reasons I'm a great mom:

1.Boys are suppose to get dirty. 
Let them! 
I don't want them afraid to get their hands dirty. When we go fishing I'm the one that baits the hook and changes their lures. I have found that if mom isn't afraid, then neither are they. 

2.I tell them I love them everyday! 
We usually have a little saying "Love you the Most!" 

We are always picking on each other and making each other laugh. It's one of my favorite parts of my family. Our home is filled with laughter!

It's really important to me they know if at first you don't succeed, keep trying! You CAN do anything! And that you are good enough! 

5.I include them in things. 
For projects, my youngest Jaylen is my sander. And my oldest is my "go to" for tools I don't know how to use or too scared to try. He loves the fact that Mom has to ask him how to do something. 
They often help me with this blog! They love to hear the comments people leave, and how many visitors for the day. And brag to everyone that their mom has a blog!! (How awesome is that? they are proud of mom!)

6.We eat at the table as a family. 
We have had a lot of happy and sad conversations while at the dinner table. They know that's the time we can talk about anything. 

7.I push for their future. 
For example, I tell them when they graduate high school they only have 2 options. Either Military or Full time college student. No exceptions! Because education is necessary. They will have a family someday and I don't want them to struggle to take care of them.

8.I fight for them! 
They know that I would do anything to protect them. They #1 to me. I am very much a protective Mama bear. And always protect each other. 

9.Teach them to respect their elders.

10.Pay it forward. 
Good things come to those who do right by others. Example, you don't need to get paid for mowing the neighbors lawn. If someone needs help, help them.  

What's your top 10 reasons??

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  1. Oh I love your list so much! I love that you all eat at the dinner table. Thank you so much for taking the challenge. This list is so inpiring. :)I'm a new follower! I look forward to getting to know you.

    1. I'm glad I found your post! And hopefully it brings in alot of mom top 10's! I'm gonna spread the word!

      This was a great idea. And stuff like this is fun when your at a project idea block but know you need to post something! Great idea!!


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    1. Thank You Suzi! Take the challenge and link it back!?????!