Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Do I Drive?

This weeks Nebraska Link Up Theme:

What do I drive?

I Drive 2006 Dodge Ram, V8 Big Horn Edition...No big deal!
A.K.A. Big Red Rita

 Actually I drove a lot of real "pieces" till I got my truck! And she got the name because everyone in NE names their red vehicles "Big Red" "Herbie", and I didn't want that. So Red Rita came to me and it stuck!

She has came in handy raising boys. This pic was takin last year at the state trap shoot meet in Donophan NE. Rita was the hang out truck! And Christian thought it was pretty cool that everyone wanted to hang in his "Moms" truck. LOL Who doesn't want to be the cool mom?!!

I'm gonna copy what Suzi's got going on. This was almost exactly like my first car. 1985 Monte Carlo! It was my uncles, he had bought it brand spankin new. He had put these 2 HUGE speaker boxes in the back seat, and everytime ya hit the gas...weeeee....weeeeeerrrrreeee.
Seriously Uncle Scott? Maybe they were the shiznit in 1985, but not so much. LOL

Oh the memories in that thing!!


  1. Oh I love trucks :) and that name is hilarious!!

    1. LOL I thought so too! But ya know I've got everyone calling her Rita. Thats even more funny!

  2. I love the name! Big Red Rita!!!! :) That is a pretty awesome ride - I can see why your truck was the "hangout" spot! - Jeni

  3. Yes you are definitely the cool mom with that truck!!!!! And I'm not gonna lie a I am bit jealous :)

  4. oh and i love the monte too!!!! :) brings back memories.