Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Imagination Station- AKA Garage

Well another area is getting re-vamped at our house. It's a work in progress still but I just wanted to share what we have got done so far!! Well, because I'm soo darn excited about it!

Earlier this Spring I scored some rustic galvanized tin from this old chicken coop! Oh, and 2 gorgeous barn doors! I have a couple ideas floating in my head as to what to do with them but haven't yet. I wanted the tin for this very project, the garage! It was another project I could vision before it was done. And I say this because my hubby doesn't see "my vision" until it's complete. 

So the insulation process has officially started! 


And this is A MUST here in Nebraska. It gets pretty darn cold in the winter. And that definitely puts a damper on projects when it's 5 degrees.

After all insulation was up, time for the tin!

Then we framed the top so the edges didn't show. And then I stained the wood so it gave it more of a rustic look.

Under the window is pallet boards all pieced together. To give it the planked look! And under that is where the counter/shop bench will be.

Then is was finally time to start hanging all these treasures that I have been collecting for the last year!! 

The Harley Davidson sign was a gift from my uncle.

The vintage Activities sign came from a garage sale.

The MinettesMaze Street sign (yes a real street sign)was a gift from a friend. Totally stoked about that one!

The old hub caps all came from different places! The Chevy one was a scrap metal load rescue, Plymouth was a garage sale find, and the Ford came from Junkstock!

See what else I found at JunkStock

I still have a few more things to hang up. But the most important one is my late Dad's Road Captain Harley Ridin Jacket! And I don't want to hang this until I feel it's in the perfect spot.

I found the shadow box in the trash and it was in great condition. And I knew that was gonna be perfect for my dads jacket. I wanted to be able to see it, and not just hang it in some closet.

Well this is what we have got done so far! We are still in the process of insulation the rest of the garage. But I just couldn't wait to show it off! I'm really loving my little "Imagination Station" more and more!!!

Whatcha Think??

Have you seen what else I did with this tin???

Click here to see the Tin-Surprize!


  1. looks awesome! Thanks for linking up to Turn it up Tuesday!

  2. Wow, this is so creative! I love the rustic, homey feel of your garage. Great job!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesdays! We love having you! :)

  3. Hi Shelly! I love the tin on the walls, such a great idea especially for a shop/garage. Just wondering, cost wise, if you know if the tin is less than drywall? It looks great and I'll be insulating and finishing the inside of my shed/workshop eventually and I LOVE the look of the tin. Have a great day :)

    1. Hello Meg, thanks for stopping by! Not sure if it's cheaper..... I know drywall can be pretty inexpensive but the process of mudding, and sanding, and well everything that goes with it can be quite a project. If you want clean "shiny" new tin, there are several types. Sizes and grades of tin (thin to thicker tin) deff vary in price. Worth checking out! This tin was free! Not sure if this is a possibility for you, but if you know anyone that owns a farm or I have heard of people driving around the country and either finding it roadside or just simply asking the farm owners. These weathered pieces of tin are found blown off barn/chicken coops, ect. And these pieces are rusty, weathered, and perfect for what I wanted!!