Friday, November 1, 2013

Rambo's Ammo Belt

DIY Rambo Ammo Belt

I finally convinced my son to be something other than a ninja for Halloween. And since my boys love movies that I grew up with, Goonies, Karate Kid, Jaws, ect.. He decided to be Rambo! I thought OK, I got this! We went to a Military surplus store that we have in our town. We got some old BDU's, and some dang near brand new boots!! 

If you have boys, you will know that it's all about the weapon the character has. In this case, had to have a gun and ammo belt. Gun...check! Ammo Belt...had to get creative.

My older son suggested black duck tape to make the strap GENIUS!

I'm walking through the store, I'm looking at anything and everything that could be used as bullets. My original thought was PVC pipe cut down and painted black. Then...Ding Light Bulb!

Glow sticks!! 

That way everyone could see him (safety) and he had flare! LOL

I did cut the the little loop part off. (where you would loop your string through the glow stick)

Not sure why he put duck tape on his gun. But sometimes as a mom, why question it?! LMAO!

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  1. too cute! and so creative! i envy you sometimes :)

    1. I envy you chica..marathons?! LOL Thanks Kelsey for checking it out!!