Monday, December 23, 2013

Up-Cycle Old Christmas Lights

Need an EASY Ornament Idea?!!

Who out there has these old glass Christmas Lights in a tote somewhere? 

Well we had quite a few of them. And when the bulbs needed replaced.... we couldn't find these glass bulbs anywhere anymore. They are all LED plastic bulbs.

Now I just couldn't throw them out....
I painted each bulb with a mix of white and cream color craft paint. And it took about 4 coats of paint, FYI. 

This mini plastic crate worked great for them to sit in and dry. 

Then paint their little cute noses! 

When you're painting the faces...mix em up!

If you have some twine or any kind of string really... Hot glue the string to the base of the light bulb.

With the first set, I made a strand of lights. Just glue and wind the string...on so on. You could make these as long as you wanted. Cute idea for garland!

To make ornaments just wrap and knot em!

As my little cousin says...."Aren't they TUTE?!" 


  1. These are totally "tute" Shelly! Merry Christmas tp you! Jane

    1. LOL thank you Jane, And I hope your Christmas was wonderful!

  2. How fun is this! I have a few of these saved so maybe I can make some during the summer.

    1. Yeah I was thinking a garden decor, like several of them to look like a flower.... Possible!