Monday, February 24, 2014

Easy Shamrock Door Decor

All you yard salers and thrift store shopping peeps out there know what I'm talking about when all you see sometimes are tons of holiday decorations! And, at the time you skip right over that section because who wants to think about storing another ugly out dated holiday decoration?? I know I have done it!

 Well maybe you will see this easy DIY project and get inspired to stop in that section and take a peeksy!

This shamrock has been in the garage for a couple years. I had forgotten all about it! So upon this re-discovery, I thought let's make this stand out a bit..add some PAINT!

And then I remembered I scored an old horseshoe on Junkin adventure in Kansas City earlier this month!

See....always buy those little "I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it" things. Ya never know when your gonna need just a little something to add some flare!

Chevron stands out! So I painted white chevron stripes and then out lined them in a deep gray color.

I used 2 types of glue, because the horseshoe is pretty heavy. A project I had made my son for his Birthday, Hunters Dream Decor- Barn Wood and Bullets, was also heavy and I used the same glue technique. And it's holding up like a champ!

  First I hot glued it into place, then used a heavy duty strength glue. I didn't want this falling off and crushing someones toe. Yeeow!

Add a bow and TADAA!!

Easy Peezy HUH??!!

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  1. Hi Shelly, I love this, it's so cute and perfect!
    Julie's Lifestyle

  2. Super cute and springy, being of Irish decent, I'm partial to shamrocks ;)

  3. This is so cute! Thanks so much for linking up at the Lovely Ladies Linky. I wanted to let you know that I'll be featuring your post tomorrow! :) -Emily,

    1. Oh wow!!! Thank you so much!!! Totally made my night!!