Monday, August 18, 2014

Yard Sale Aquarium Cabinet...Re-Purposed

I was out scoping out garage sales...surprising I know! And I came across this old aquarium stand for $5!! 
I had Mr Minettesmaze with me that day, he gave me the look. 
My fellow junkers... you know this look I'm talking about. The look as in "What are you gonna do with that?" or "Great, something else to go in the garage". But he loaded it up anyway and didn't say much about it after that. I hate that look that may or may not turn into the "Big Speech" about collecting more junk. Haha!!

So here is she is...all ready to be primed and painted! Not too purty to look at huh?! But I knew she would shine once I gave her a makeover!

So recently I went to a Junk Yard. And this metal clock face was rescued! Rusty Crusty Cool I thought! Well it fit perfect on the door of this cabinet! 

>Click Here< to check out my Junk Yard adventure and all the treasures that came home with me! 

And also awhile back I was at the Re-store for Habitat for Humanity and got a huge lot of hardware. I added these silver plates above and below the clock, just to give her a lil something extra! 

Funky Junky Rusty Crusty Cool!! 

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  1. Love it - that rusty old clock is perfect! This would make an awesome bar or kitchen island Shelly :)
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  2. Very cool Shelly! Love the color and the clock face!

  3. You turned this into a wonderful piece with a lot of character ~ love it!

  4. Fantastic...I love clock faces, too. :)

  5. love this. . . a perfect bar, or console table . . . will it be indoors or out on the patio?