Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DIY Pumpkin Fall Decor

Do you want to do an cheap and project?
You can have this pumpkin done within 20 min! 

You will need:
cabinet or drawer knob
small piece of wire
and a drill

I had this small piece of 4x4 laying around in the garage, and thought why not make a square pumpkin?!!

First I painted the pumpkin black. And once that dried, I decided to paint gold and white chevron stripes.

Drill a hole in the top. And apply glue around the screw, that's attached to the knob. And this is to hold it into place.

But first I cut a piece of wire and wrapped it around the knob before putting it into place.

I did add a couple pieces of raffia to the stem to add just a little something.

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