Friday, October 3, 2014

Imagination Station (aka Garage) Part II

Well I have finally started working on the garage again. I know ol man winter is gonna come a knocking here VERY soon!! Check out 
Imagination Station aka Garage Part1
and see how this project all started. This is a project that keeps going and going. But it's getting there.

What a hot mess HUH?!


So after I insulated it, I covered it with plywood. I didn't really want to leave the plywood as is. Not really the look I want in "Imagination Station". lol So I found these sheets of paneling. So it looked like wood walls. Really I cheated, by using this instead of actual wood pieces. Shortcut....?

I brought this blue beauty home from Home Grown Junk's open house. She always has such great junk/stuff!!
I just knew it would be perfect to store all my paint in!!

And then we have good ol Johnny Cash!
Anyone else a fan?

I also bought these great paint brushes at the Home Grown Junk open house. Aren't they just fantastic! I wonder what Art Dept they used to belong to? 

Not finished but definitely progress!!

Whatcha think?!
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  1. Love it! Especially the Johnny Cash accent! lol! I just bought a new-to-me house that has a single car garage I'll be converting into a workshop, I'm excited!


    1. Aww. thanks Tania! I love that pic of Johnny too! I'm hoping one of my peeps will find me a poster of that pic! I totally have the vision and see it all finished, but hard for everyone else to see. LOL Congrats on the new house!! And good luck with your new workshop!! Remember Rome wasn't built in a day!