Monday, October 20, 2014

RePurposed Window Frames

I scored a pile of old windows that were gonna be thrown out awhile back. And these windows have been shifted from corner to corner in my garage. And if you are a "collector" of junk like me..there comes a time when you just get sick of looking at them.
So the time came to do something with them. 

One afternoon I sat in the garage looking at that haunting pile of windows. And suddenly I got an idea!!

First I knocked the windows out!

Excuse the pics of different windows.
 I started demo on them all at the same time!

Next I laid the window face down and lined up some lattice boards.

 (Be sure to do this step, as not all lattice boards are straight)

Then measure out and mark where they need to be cut.

I then laid another board over the ends to keep them all straight.

Once I had them all cut.. I then stained each piece on both sides.

 And then I used the brad nailer (one of my favorite tools) and nailed them into place!


Here are a few finished pieces!

This one below was made for a friend that grew up in Tennessee, but has lived in Nebraska for the last 30+ years.

This one I made for a family members wedding gift! 
 I attached a 8x10 picture frame to hold their wedding day photo.

And these beauties were made for a craft sale I took part in. Needless to say they were both gone pretty quickly!

Easy peesy!!

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  1. Those are so cute! I wish I could find old windows around here, but I never do!