Monday, November 10, 2014

Junky Holiday Door Decor


OK...I know you probably wanna slap me for posting something Christmas related this soon.
Bloggers have to get a head start on decorating. And well...honestly I am just in the mood already! Heehee! 
Plus..I'm really just sick of looking at my fall decor.

I am finally getting around to digging into my goodies from Junkstock!

Projecto Uno!

When I seen this wheel I knew exactly what I was gonna do with it!

First I attached the wheel to the wreath with wire in 4 spots to make it secure.

At the dollar store I found this bell decor for a whoppin' $2.50! And really I just wanted the bells. So I cut em off and tied them to the center of the wheel.

add a bow...and

I sure do love my junky decor!!

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  1. I adore this! So cute and rustic. Great job

  2. This is SO cute!! I wish I was more crafty, but you make this look super easy to do so I bet I could even handle it ;)

    1. Of course you could!! Just start gathering your junk and pile it together till you get the look you want!!

  3. Love the wheel in the middle and how creative you are, nice!

  4. Hello cute lady! I was love being a part of your fabulous party. Thank you for hosting. Please stop by our party that starts on Monday at 7 pm. We would appreciate it!
    Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls