Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Up-Cycled Shutter Decor

Up-Cycle an old Shutter

Do you like the look of shutters??
Here are a couple super simple ways you can use shutters to decorate your space!

With this all you need is..
Metal Hook
Wicker Wreath
Foldy Tape Measure(that's what I call it, heehee)

And the good thing about this shutter is you can switch out any wreath for the season or holiday!

Holiday Shutter

For this project you will need..
Nails & a hammer
Hot Glue Gun
Burlap (for the Bow)
And any Holiday sign
(I used a scrap piece of wood to paint a holiday greeting)

I used nails on this project. 
-2 on each side of the bottom
-2 on each side in the middle
-1 in the top center! 

I then just wrapped the wire garland around each nail, so it would stay in place.

I then found a piece of bead board in my scraps bin. And what do you know, it fit perfect! Painted a little festive phrase and VIOLA!

Hot glued a burlap bow in place, and added some lights! Twinkling ones even! 

I figured this would be perfect for someones entry way or porch... Where would you put it??

I want to wish all of you out there a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with your family, and don't forget to make a memory or two!

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