Monday, February 16, 2015

Tin Roof Inn...for the birds

First I want to apologize for being on a bit of a hiatus. I had to go back to work....grrrr. So I have been trying to balance a new job, and still finding time for my passion "Junkin"! Not an easy task I tell ya. But I will eventually get it figured out and in a routine. 
So thank you for coming back to see what I've been up to! And not giving up on me!

On New Years Day, we ventured out and started the year off right with a little junkin adventure!

We happened to find these cool bird houses in the depths of a giant barn.

I lightly brushed on some white paint. 
And dug out some of my scrap galvanized tin pieces that I had left over from other projects.
You can check these tin projects

I thought it needed just another touch of metal somehow.
I have a small collection of these metal strips. I'm not real sure what they are called but I found them in the hardware section of my local Menards. CHEAP!

And there ya have it!
Tin Roof Inn! 

This birdhouse is available if anyone may be interested!
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  1. Nice to see you posting again Shelly! I hope the new job is going well so far. Love the tin roofed birdhouses and hope they sell quickly for you. Miss you at the DIY Party :(

  2. Too cute! Man I wish I could get my hands on some of that beautiful rusty tin down here in my neck of the woods! Alas no Barns down this way....

    1. Well darn Brenda! There are plenty here in Nebraska, aka farm country!! I'm very lucky that I have some great people that let me pick through their junk! Thanks for stopping!

  3. Hey girl, your cute tin birdhouses caught my eye over at the From Dream To Reality party. Hope you are doing well!

    1. Thanks Marie! Thanks for spotting them and checking this project out!