Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY Sunday Showcase


OK, it's getting harder and harder to pick just one project every week. I could have really picked about 4 or 5 of them. If you didn't make the list here check out our 
DIY Sunday Showcase Pinterest Talent Board! You might just be on there!! 

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.............


My Pick for the week is...

#85 Diy Monogrammed Purse Charm from Linsey at MyCraftySpot.

There was a little girl in her town that was diagnosed with Krabbe disease a couple weeks ago – she’s been given weeks to live. And Lindsey (from MyCraftySpot) wanted to do something for this family. So this charm tutorial was for her. What a sweet and thoughtful gift you shared. My heart truly hurts for this little girl and her family.

Megin from VMG pick of the week was....

These matching DIY End and Coffee tables really caught my eye. 
 I love it idea of being able to build it yourself to the size that best fits. 
 Plus you can customize the color.  Genius!

Therese from FreshIdeaStudio

#111 Halloween Dining room from Life & Home 2102

 I love, love, love it! All the spooky awesomeness has me excited to haunt our house too!

Wanda from Recreate and Decorate

#79  how to make zombie makeup from Day2DaySuperMom

We are huge Walking Dead fans and this caught my eye.  She really did an amazing job authenticating the looks of a zombie. Great job!

Jenn from Pink When

#15 French Tables from SunflowerHugs

She scored these for $10 and made them beautiful. Her first process didn't work, but she didn't quit until perfection! I LOVE these"

(Submissions start October 5, 2013, 5:00 pm)
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  1. I'm new to the party. Thanks for hosting!

    1. Again, Thanks for coming!! Don't forget to come back every week! Glad you found us!!