Monday, October 14, 2013

Junk Stock Fall 2013 Show

Junk Stock Fall 2013

The day started out a little rainy and windy, so I wasn't real sure how the day was gonna go. All I knew, was that nothing was stopping me from goin! I was WAY to excited to see all the treasures all in one place! 

My junkin buddies for the day were Kathy- a looong time junker and refurbish-er and my friend Fritzy of course! 

If you want to see more pics and information about Junkstock and the dates of the next event click below at:

Ok, so I hafta brag a little bit. 
First stop inside the gate was to my friend from A&R Salvage! I had bought some beautiful rescued wood from him at the Spring Junk Stock Show.

If you want to see that beautiful Rescued wood I got from them and what I did with it. 

So anywho, I asked him about that sweet letter "M" he was selling. He paused for a minute and said I looked familiar. I said that I bought some stuff from him at the Spring Show. And well no that wasn't it. He had seen my Rescued Wood project on Pinterest and that led him to my ol bloggeroo! How friggin cool is that?!! I told him that he totally made my day! I'm still smiling about it! 

Then I found Lisa(I think that was her name)from "Wear your Words by Harp Strings". Click Here to check out their Facebook page. I scored all these cool looking keys. I wasn't real sure what I was gonna do with them. But thinking maybe Christmas Ornaments.... 

In the Big Barn they sell Junk Stock merchandise. This is the shirt they were selling for all the men! Love it! And I wished I would have bought one, because my hubby actually liked it! Darn IT!

So here were the treasures I found for the day! The awesome letter "M", old crate, Ford hubcap from WestonPrimitiveCo‎, pretty green tool/tackle box, Junk Stock T-shirt, and the sweet antique red wheel borrow! 

Well of course I couldn't wait to light that letter "M" up! I took off the front and there were still the original rope type light in it, but it didn't work. So I threw in some white Christmas lights for now. I couldn't wait to see what it looked like all lit up!

Before I hang it on the wall, I am gonna put a rope light on the inside. I just couldn't wait to show ya!!

If you have a chance to attend this event....DO IT!!! 


  1. Hi Shelly!
    I went too! It was so much fun. Lots of inspiration. I love your "M" and your key idea.
    I bought some old hinges from A & R Salvage to make some rustic recipe/photo holders.
    I've not been to their Omaha location, but I will have to check it out.
    What a fun fall outing,

    1. Hey Deb, I haven't been there either. But I'm gonna have to!! I bought some old hinges at the last show, but have been waiting for time to do something with them. Deff a winter project! THanks for checking out my adventure!! Good to hear from ya!

  2. Hi Shelly :)
    Wish I could get there, sounds like a blast!!!
    Love the idea of keys for ornaments !

    1. Next show is in June I think....hafta check out their website. Thanks for checking my Junkin adventure!

  3. Cook pieces of "JUNK" Love the M, wish I could find an H somewhere. Thanks for sharing these goodies and this cool place. Maybe one day we can get out that way, vacationing ;-)