Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fisherman's Tree

A Fisherman's Christmas Tree of Bobbers!

We have a neighbor, Steve that moved in about a year ago. He had lost his wife and moved to be closer to his children and family. Over the course of the year we have came to know him pretty well.

 The first time we actually met him, my boys seen him in his driveway with his tackle boxes and fishing poles. And of course fishing..+..my boys....lets just say they were on him like stink on poop! They just have a true love for fishing. Well that's all it took to break the ice. Steve has became part of our family. He also shares a passion for yard sales. YEAH Bonus! Him and I usually can't wait to show each other what "DEAL" we got that day at the yard sales.

OK, so anywho... onto the tree. I found out that Steve didn't have a Christmas tree. Well, we can't let that happen now could we? 

Since his entire living room decor is in a fishing theme. I quickly grabbed one of my mini trees (I have several LOL), and a bag of new bobbers we had in the garage. I then painted some cute little snowman faces on them. Attached a wire, so they would hang on the branches. Aren't they the cutest! 

Steve is more than elated to have his very own fishing bobber tree! A "reel" mans tree! LOL Get it? Reel Man's Tree. I crack myself up!

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  1. I think that is so sweet! What a cute idea with the fishing bobbers! I'm sure you made his Christmas.

    1. I did! He's such a neat guy, And a great neighbor. Thanks for checking em out!