Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY Firemans Prayer Sign

If you know a fireman or fire've probably read this poem. I guess just knowing what these brave people choose do everyday...WOW! It really takes a special person to risk it all just to save a stranger. 

A friend of mine wanted this poem to hang on their wall. And she really wanted it to be unique looking.

So I bought some board at Menards and started painting.

It was pretty tricky to get it all spaced out to look even. Maybe I should have used my projector for this project. See my pencil lines?? 

Of course I erased the pencil lines before she picked it up. But I thought over all it turned out pretty neat!

Here is the actual prayer:

Maybe we all should thank them more often!

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  1. This is awesome! My hubby is a ff ~ I'm gonna make something similar for him as a surprise. (Cuz sometimes I get a little cranky as he runs out during yet another dinner... IK - bad. I owe him a nice surprise and he'll love this!) Thank you for sharing your idea !!! Julia

    1. You are soo welcome Julia!! Hope you share it with us when your done!!

    2. Shelly! I can't erase the pencil lines! I did mine on a canvas painted black... theyre smudging - any tips? I would appreciate your advice! Julia

    3. Thanks Shelly - that worked! Then I ended up using a tiny foam brush and wiping black paint over the lines in between the letters! LOL - fun! Thanks so much for your idea!

  2. That is beautiful and very meaningful. This will mean alot to someone. ChicByTab