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Guest Post: Nikki Stark- Interior Designer

Nikki Stark is an interior design fiend who has a fascination with all things rustic. She came across Minettes Maze when she was looking for design inspiration, and immediately became obsessed with Shelly’s ability to create timeless, handmade décor.

Making the most of your (small) space

Personal space is important—it’s the one place we can be ourselves. It’s a small piece of the biosphere that reflects us; a mirror for our thoughts, dreams, and opinions. If your chunk of the world is especially cozy, choosing your décor wisely becomes essential. Small areas can easily look cluttered just because of the way that the eye perceives spatial orientation. I’ve come up with my top five tips to help you maximize your cramped space—enjoy!

1.Let there be light!
Perhaps the biggest favor you can do for yourself when you are working with a small space is to ensure that it is properly lit. Dark, confined areas aren’t exactly welcoming. If you don’t have windows—don’t panic! This problem comes with an easy fix. Implement a lamp to help put a little light on the subject. Pick a unique look or creative accent color to allow your personality to “shine” through.


(In these cozy corners, well placed lighting creates an inviting feel. Doppelganger styles are pictured in the boxes to the right—so grab these looks for yourself!)

2. A space for everything in a small space…

Since room is exactly plentiful in tight quarters, it is important to maximize the area you do have. This is most easily accomplished by properly implemented storage spaces. The opportunities to personalize things here are endless—so check out the examples below for some creative inspiration!

(Note how nearly every bit of available space also doubles as some sort of storage—brilliant!)

(Who needs a huge kitchen when this nook is perfect?! Smart use of shelving and cabinet storage space works wonders here.)

(Double whammy here—shelving allows for maximum storage space, while accent lamps boost the glow-factor!)

3.Keep it clean!

It’s a harsh reality—but small spaces look messy even with only a few things out of place. Having a place to put everything will help alleviate this issue, but enforcing the notion of “No mess left behind!” can be an equally helpful ally. If everybody gets into the habit of picking up after themselves, then the problem can be avoided altogether. Now, I know that this isn’t always possible, but as long as it’s the norm (not the exception!) the policy will hold true. Here are a couple more inspiring examples of well-kept products in tiny spaces.

(LOVE this—you could use this set up in any room and you can totally DIY!)

(Note how the most of the compartments are a custom fit to the products they house.)

(Imagine if all of these shoes were piled in a closet…or on the floor…)

4. Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls…

If you ever want to give your space an instant facelift, hang up a mirror (or three!)—they don’t call it smoke and mirrors for nothing! Not only do they make for nice wall accents, but they generate an illusion that the room is bigger than it truly is (bonus points if your mirror setup reflects light!). Again, the possibilities here to make this an expression of yourself are endless—so go for it!

5. Stay away from the dark side!

When painting, it can be incredibly tempting to choose a dark color (especially for an accent wall). Resist the urge and instead opt for a lighter, more pastel version. This will help add to the optical illusion that your room is open and spacious despite its minute demeanor. Trust me; it makes a world of difference!

Don’t be embarrassed if you have a small space—instead, embrace it! With the right amount of time and personal touches, it will likely become your favorite place to be.

Author...Nikki Stark

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