Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Cleaning & Organizational Tips

Spring is in the air!! Almost time to open those windows...let some fresh air circulate throughout your home! Ahhhh....Love this time of year! I really want to be outta the house on these beautiful days, working on some new projects but we all know it's about that time......SPRING CLEANING!
Some get excited about this, and others dread it! I guess I'm caught in between, maybe it depends on the day. Although I did re-organize the garage this last weekend. And maybe that's partly because I had to make room for new junk that I got!! LOL
On last weeks DIY Sunday Showcase, there were some great link ups shared by you bloggers to help get you in the mood! 

Sweetpenniesfromheaven- Some Great Organizational Ideas on a Budget

Delineateyourdwelling- Coat Closet Cleanup

Neatlittlenest- Organinzed her Craft Supplies

Craftylumberjacks- Some great Spring Cleaning Tips

Sohosonnet- Free Printables to help you Organize

Now did that make you wanna just get started?????

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  1. Excellent round-up Shelly! I'm loving that pretty stenciling in the craft closet.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista