Monday, July 7, 2014

Touring Through Blogland

Happy Monday!!
 I'm pretty darn excited to share with you all this Tour in Blogland! My bloggy buddy Nicki from Sweet Parrish Place invited me to come along and join this neat tour! Nicki is also a DIY Diva like muah! Nicki and her hubby are renovating/updating there home one project at a time. And she likes to throw in a little fashion flare with ya every week with "What I Wore Wednesdays. Head on over there and check out what she's got going on!

Now on to the tour!

 I was given 4 questions to answer.

1. What Are You Working On Right Now?
What am I not working on right now... ORGANIZATION!

So here recently my life has kinda taken a turn. I have lost my job of almost 14 years. I've never been without a job. What do I do? Whats next? Maybe my little hobby of DIY projects is now gonna be a full time gig? Maybe I'm still dreaming... I'm sure gonna give it a go though, why not! So besides project Shelly LOL I am gonna take a couple months and work on the garage or what I call "Imagination Station". 

I need to finish insulating it and get that dang place organized if I want to use it as an actual workshop. Maybe......HDTV-DIY Network would come and help me??!! They pimp out man caves, why can't they create a chic cave?! How awesome would that be..? 

2. How Does My Work Differ From Others in This Genre?
I'm not sure if I can say my work different in so many words... Everyone adds their own lil touch to make it theirs. All DIY'ers have their own creativity cloud right?  I admit I get in these lil creativity funks every once in awhile. Maybe my creativity cloud gets clogged? IDK So I will cruise good ol Pinterest and take ideas from several projects, put it into one, and add my own twist on it. When it comes to custom painting, that's all me! I freehand paint all my detailed projects. 

3. Why Do I Write/Create What I do?
Funny how this all began.. My cousin, who in blogland is known as Betty MJ, pushed and encouraged me to start this blog. She kept telling that I need put these projects out there, people would actually be inspired. I thought's just a silly hobby. Why on earth would someone want to read/follow a small town, Nebraska girls garage hobby? I mean out of all the people out there in this world, why me?
And WOW the overwhelming response from everyone.. Words can't describe that exciting feeling of people actually following your blog. Reading and trying my projects out for themselves. There's fuel for anyone to keep going! I truly think if I can do it, so can you! Also Google has helped me alot along the way! When in doubt "Google it"!

4. How Does Your Writing/Creating Process Work?

My process...I really wish there was a method to my madness sometimes. I still struggle to this day to get on a regular schedule as for as my blog. And well, maybe that will be easier now that I will have a little more time. A lot of my ideas will just come to me or someone requests it and it all goes into a notebook! I have went through several notebooks since starting this blog. I write down ideas, even include doodle pictures so I know exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes the project idea comes quick and goes. My head never seems to stop thinking about new projects. And my eyes are always scamming the area for something that I could use for a project. And that's why garage sales are so fun to me! I honestly think it's a blessing to have an eye for junk! If that makes sense.

I am supposed to introduce you to 3 other bloggers now. But like my friend Nicki I only found 2 to join us on the blogland journey. And they were super excited to hop on board!
Let me introduce, Katie and Marie, both just so happen to cohost DIY Sunday Showcase with me!

I'm a mom to three sweet little boys and wife to a great guy.  In my spare time I try to be crafty, and love all things DIY and homemade.  I share a little of this and that on my blog, but DIY, crafts, home decor, and kids stuff seem to be my favorites (along with random shots of my kiddos and dog that I just can't resist sharing).  


Hello, I'm Marie from The Interior Frugalista. I am a DIYer and empty nester from the Canadian prairies where I blog about all things DIY around my humble abode. I love breathing new life into furniture, home decor & spaces. Grab a coffee or a glass of wine (depending on the time of day) and come for a visit!

Please be sure to swing on over and say HI to my friends Katie and Marie!!
Tell them I sent ya!!!


  1. Hello everyone! really enjoyed meeting you ladies. Thanks for sharing, and hope to see you soon.
    Heather from

  2. Hello everyone! really enjoyed meeting you ladies. Thanks for sharing, and hope to see you soon.
    Heather from

  3. Thank you so much Shelly for inviting on this Tour Through Blogland! So much fun and much appreciated. :)
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  4. Hi Shelly! Thanks so much for the invite! It was fun reading a little more about you and your projects!! Hope all is well!!