Monday, March 16, 2015

Window Decor

Do you have some old windows laying around in that "project" pile?
Or do you see them for sale but just not sure what to do with them?

Here's an easy project idea!

You can repaint the window frame or just leave it like I did below.
Whatever may match your decor in your home.

Find a quote that fits you or your family and paint it right on the window!
I used acrylic paints on the windows I painted. It's an easy wipe away if you make a goof while painting on them. 

But the only catch is.. you cannot Windex over the paint, as it will come right off. So wipe around it.

This yellow frame below was a custom order for a client.
Doesn't it just fit perfect above her fireplace??!!

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  1. Hi Shelly, hope you are well! I love an old painted window and I especially like the yellow one you painted for your client. The color and the fonts you used are cheery and fun :)