Monday, May 18, 2015

Junk Rescued Work Bench

When I started transforming my lil workshop/garage, my first theory was over time I would accumulate old cabinets and cupboards to make a bench/storage. After I had enough, I would attach them together and paint. That way it would cost next to nothing to create this part of my shop. All I would have to do is keep my eyes and ears peeled to score some old cabinets.
You can check out the first part of my shop renovation

Our friend Betty MJ just moved into a new home with her family and this beautiful piece was left behind by the previous owners.
How could someone leave such a cool handmade SOLID workbench like this behind??!!
MJ just didn't have the room for it so it was getting ready to go curbside.
SAY WHAT??!!!!!
Mr. MinettesMaze was helping them move and sent me a picture of the bench, asking if this would be better than my pieced together idea.
Yea.....dumb question Mr!

I totally DIG IT!!!
Great Junk Rescue Mr MinettesMaze!!


  1. That is one sweet work bench Shelly - lucky score! I would love something like that in my workshop you lucky girl.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  2. I do what i can, when i can do it!
    Mr MinettesMaze