Saturday, September 5, 2015

Grandma's Hidden Treasure

Have you ever really looked around an older relatives house?
You know that relative that could possibly be borderline hoarder? Everyone has at least one in the family. The one who has "collected" things for years and don't want to throw anything away "just in case" someone may need it. 

Well this dresser was one of those things that was tucked in a basement corner and well...forgotten about.

Again, it's amazing what a coat of paint and new knobs can do! Well actually new/old knobs. They actually came off an old cabinet that had gotten a face lift and new hardware. 

Hmmm....I just might be that "family member" that keeps things.

Isn't this just a fun piece! 
I was thinking it would be great for family storage such as games, hats, gloves, movies... or even in a kids room!

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  1. Hey girl, good to see you posting! Love the hits of color you gave those drawers against the black exterior. Has loads of personality and character now.