Thursday, October 1, 2015

Burlap Beauties- Trash to Treasure

OK my fellow junkers.. 
How many times have you seen chairs like this at garage sales, thrift stores, or heck even at a relatives house?

These chairs are usually still in great shape but just a little ugly and out dated!
They were definitely built to last, solid and heavy.

Well next time you see something like these, Don't pass them up!
Add a little paint and cover the cushions with some burlap sacks!

As you can see I CANNOT sew for the life of me! It takes patience and that I just don't have. I went old school, and used some yarn!

Not too SHABBY HUH??!!
They are super comfy. One is a glider rocker and the other is a chair. If I only had room in my home for these...
They would definitely be keepers! My son begged to have them for his man cave basement chairs. But they will headed to Junkstock and ready for a new home!

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