Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bread Box Redo

A client of mine...or should I say friend now? Asked me to do another redo for her. She had got this out dated bread box from a family member and it just didn't quite fit her newly remodeled kitchen. So...she asked me "The Maze" (LOL) to paint it and bring it back to life!  
Here it is...ya know that bread box that your grandma or aunt had on their kitchen counter back in the day...

First step was to sand and prime it.
Then to give it a little something extra, I painted a teal blue first, then the mustard yellow. That way when I distressed it, the blue would come through a little.

And now...here it is...NEW AGAIN!!

Another so simple project to add that pop of color to your kitchen!

If you want to see another redo I have done in this groovy mustard color...check out

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