Monday, June 23, 2014

JunkStock Treasures- Summer 2014

Another great JunkStock event! Lots of great vendors with lots of great JUNK!! The doors opened at 9am, Betty MJ and I had a little set back and arrived at 9:30.....whoa! The cars were already backed up on the interstate!


I visited my friends from Weston Primitive Co, Home Grown Junk, Antiques on Franklin, and A&R Salvage. They all had some great treasures. 

Here's some great treasures I scored from various vendors.
First check out this cool yard ornament!
It's an old pitchfork, with parts from this n that to make a cool looking flower!

And of course I am always on the lookout for some new/old garage flare!! I found a few things for Imagination Station aka the Garage.
 Check out this cool tin "8"!!
I also found some cool looking hubcaps. I have a few hung already but these will make great additions! 
After we left Junk Stock we hit up a few garage sales. I found an iron headboard (back) and an old aluminum lounge chair...<--pretty about="" excited="" font="" one="" that="">
So that was my Junkin Adventure last weekend!!

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