Monday, June 30, 2014

Red~White~Blue Re-Purposed Decor

Need any ideas for cheap and easy Patriotic decor??
I had a pile of windows sitting in the garage, and decided I have to do something with them!
Does anyone else have that pile of something that they just keep shuffling around? When it's free, you can't say no??!! Or is it just me? giggle...
So here ya have a couple windows that I whipped up, and sold pretty quickly! They were too cute not to!

Of course while I had the paint out...why not paint a flag shutter? Perfect for a porch!!

If you wanna check out some other re purposed Patriotic ideas..
How did you decorate for the 4th?
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  1. These are awesome Shelly and can be used beyond the 4th of July! You guys really go all out south of our border. It's Canada Day here and although there will be loads of celebrations and fireworks throughout our country, I can assure you there is far less DIY Patriotic D├ęcor embellishing our porches and doorsteps. Are you keeping these or selling them?

    1. Thanks Marie! These actually sold within 2 days of posting them! Kinda cool!

  2. Wow! These are so great. I love that everyone really seems to be getting in the spirit for the fourth this year!

    1. Thanks Catherine! Anyone can hang these throughout the year, just not during the 4th holiday.