Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DIY Tractor Seat- Etsy Inspired

I was cruising the Etsy world here recently and discovered this cool tractor seat. A bit too pricey for me...but I knew I could make this!
Plus...I do need a new garage stool. One that is customized just for me!

The chair bottom on the left was from my uncles barn. He said it had been in there since... god knows when. LOL He laughed when I asked him if I could have it. Again...I had no idea why I wanted it or what I was gonna do with it but I made sure it came home with me!

The tractor seat came from a good friend of mine. It was left over from her Christmas craft sale stash. It was adorable...not sure why it never sold.

For the tractor seat I chose a Rustoleum paint. It's thick and durable, especially on metal. 
(In my opinion only, Rustoleum has yet to send me free product to try..BOO)

I attached the seat to the chair with a washer and bolt!

Now I have my very own
I'm sure this project isn't done yet...
what do you think..
 add more or leave it as is?

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I have several of these but never knew how people were attaching them. It never dawned on me it was a simple bolt. I was thinking it had to be something more flush. Hmmm now I have to hunt down some bases

  2. Found you on the time for mom link party. I LOVE THESE. I really want a set as bar stools for my kitchen, but they are so expensive. Good job!