Friday, January 2, 2015

Repurposed Antique Lamp

Awhile back we made a trip to Billings, Montana for a funeral. Bittersweet trip. We had taken a day to get away and visit Red Lodge Montana....holy BEAUTIFUL! 
On the way back to Billings we stopped at this little roadside antique shop and I had bought this fan. It's not that I planned on using it (for safety reasons) but I just love the look of these old things. I put it in our living room as a cool decor piece to admire. I love telling people where I had got it and why this little treasure was special to us. 

Here recently my junkin friend and her hubby have been making some very cool funky junky lamps. And I had been cruising the Pinterest world one day and had seen this idea. This is a project that I wouldn't even attempt to do for fear of being electrocuted! So I asked my girlfriend if they could create this one of a kind lamp for me! And they gladly took on the challenge.

I love the idea of this cool decor piece with a story to now be turned into an even greater decor piece with a story!

And here it is.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

So do you think this is as cool as I do??!! 

To see another DIY project with treasures from the Montana trip
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  1. Love it! I have seen a lot of different lamps made from repurposed stuff but not one like this till now. Great job.