Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lilly's New Throne!

A friend of mine had built a new deck. But her dog Lilly wanted to always sit on her lap so she could see over the railing. Mind you that Lilly isn't a little girl.

So my friend had brought me some of her lumber she had left over and asked me to work my magic! I needed to build Lilly her own deck throne!

I had 2 pieces of lumber and this pallet.

I had to dig up my un-used math skills from back in the day and figure how big I could make this.


I thought by gosh it worked! Legs and everything fit!

We cut the pallet down and I used 5 boards for the platform. Sanded and screwed then down. Then we attached an edge so the pillow wouldn't slip off. 

Well then next thing I knew it was 10 o'clock (pm), and figured it was COCKTAIL TIME! 
Excuse the messy garage, I still haven't got to organizing it yet.

And here's LILLY on her new throne!!!


  1. Yes, Lily loves her new throne!!! She is now the Queen of the Deck!!! Thank you so much Shelly, you did an amazing job...especially with me saying "oh, just make it as high as a folding chair!" You did great!!!

  2. Thanks Tami! I'm so glad she loves it!

  3. That is so cute! And what a cool idea on the reuse of a pallet!

    1. Thank you! I'm always looking for new way to re-use pallets. Thanks stopping by my blog to check it out!

  4. Love the throne. Seems Lilly does too!! ;) I love old pallets!! Thanks so much for sharing on Project Inspire{d} this week!

  5. What an adorable project and also a great use of a pallet. Thanks so much for sharing with this week's Throwback Thursday party.

  6. Wow Shelly! Just found this - what an awesome use of a pallet! Puts mine to shame! Lucky I still have some spares, as I have a little mongrel whippet cross and a pug who hate being too short to see everyone and would love a little throne for themselves - if they can bring themselves to share! It would also be a great use of a huge old beanbag I have which doesn't seem to go anywhere in the house - if I can cover it with waterproofed material, it will be perfect for outside!